Boss Babes Empowers Women

Empowered women empower women.


We're about passion, support, encouragement, and a lot of good vibes.

Founded in 2014, Boss Babes RVA began as a private Facebook group for female entrepreneurs to uplift each other, learn from one another, and surround themselves with motivated, passionate, and creative individuals.

The Boss Babes RVA group is a place to discuss the following topics as they relate to business and career growth:

  • education

  • networking

  • mentorship

  • collaboration

Boss can mean owning your own business or merely owning your own path in your career development. We've reserved the term Babes for anyone who is female-identifying.

in our facebook group –

We encourage you to post more:

  • Specific questions about the day to day of business operations

  • Requests for local referrals

  • Engaging education opportunities or articles

  • Celebrations of other Boss Babes in RVA doing great things

Post less (or not at all):

  • Discounts, freebies, or specific sales-focused promotions

  • Questions or comments that do not relate to business or careers

The moderators of the group reserve the right to delete any post that does not fit within our mission or we feel is inappropriate. Internal event posts will always take priority for top pin placement over other announcements or polls.


Our Board of Directors

we also like to have fun

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